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Dog Enrichment Workshops

Therapeutic Dog Services facilitates and promotes dog enrichment programs. These goal-oriented programs are based on the dogs natural biology, and provides species specific, naturalistic environments, mental and physical stimulation, choices, and a variety of opportunities for individuals and the interactions between individuals.


Learn how to provide dogs with an environment and varying activities that promote a range of dog-appropriate behaviour, facilitate behavioural choices and enhance individual well-being.

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Flexible Workshops

All workshops are adjusted to fit topic and time available.

All workshops are available in an in-depth full day workshop or

a condensed 2 hour or 5 hour format.

Please click on the workshop title for a full description.

Flexible workshops to choose from,
we're sure you'll find something to fulfill your needs.
As featured 
Dog Behavioural Workshops
As featured 
Dog Care Workshops

Get in Touch

For all inquiries please contact

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated


Phone: 0481293370


AAI Discovery Centre


Phone: 0415 132 654

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