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Who We Are & What We Do

Training - Learn about the organisation

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Learn about the organisation and what we do

We have been providing service delivery of Animal Assisted Interventions, since the year 2001.

Providing services in animal-assisted activities, education, and therapy to over 25,000 people a year. 

Training and handling combination assistance, companion, and therapy intervention dogs have become the primary focus of our business since 2005.

On average our dogs and handlers are in the field 90% of the year.

We are currently engaged with aged care, courts, disability services, hospital, and mental health services -learn about the organisation and what is that we do. 

Visual format ( Powerpoint) and Speaker

  • About Us - The organisation story

  • What we do - Services, Solutions, and Capabilities

  • Who we are - Leadership, Staff

  • Our animal teams

  • Our project initiatives

  • Sample projects - Case studies and clients

  • What people are saying -Testimonials

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