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Dogs for Professionals

Counselling, the Classroom, Ministry, Hospitals and Courthouses. 

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Assistance Intervention, Therapy or Facility Dogs for Professionals in Counselling, the Classroom, Ministry, Hospitals, and Courthouses

In addition to providing trained animals working directly for people in the community within Animal Assisted Intervention programs: activities, education, and therapy.

We also train Assistance Intervention, Therapy, and facility Dogs for partnership with teachers, therapists, those who perform religious ministry and those who work in a courthouse and hospital settings.

These canine assistants are matched with teachers or therapists that work with students who have mental or physical disabilities and ministers who seek to engage with their general community.


The Assistance Intervention, Therapy or facility Dogs are placed with counselling professionals ranging from therapists to ministers, as well as with professionals in the classroom, hospital, and courthouse facilities.


The Assistance Intervention, Therapy or Facility Dogs are owned by the individual handler, not by a school, business or religious institution. The primary handler is responsible for the care and costs associated with the dog, as well as the upkeep of the dog’s training.

Assistance Intervention or Therapy Dogs usually “work” during the day with their partner and then go home at night to be an “off-duty” family pet.

Facility Dog may live on-premises full time.

There are so many things an Assistance Intervention, Therapy or Facility Dog can do, we are happy to help teachers, therapists, courthouse and hospital employees, and ministers determine how to best utilize an Assistance Intervention or Therapy Dog with their clients.

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