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Educational Service Dogs

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Law for business owners and employees

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Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Law for business owners and employees

Business owners or employees that deny a person and their Service Dog access to their business is a violation of the Australian -  Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Law, which can lead to legal action and Federal fines per complaint.


Make sure your business is compliant with DDA law as it refers to Service Dogs. Businesses have the responsibility of effectively identifying the proper course of action to take to avoid violations. Properly trained employees make the difference in the lives of people with disabilities who rely on these highly-trained service dogs and will save your business the potential of hefty Federal Fines and legal action. Educating your business is crucial since there is a fine line between “no national certification” for Service Dogs and your rights as a business.

Call to set up a time for training.

There is a $150.00 charge for training, which includes your information package, and our open line for your questions.

We raise awareness in the community and state by educating businesses in the Australian Disability Discrimination Act.


If you want to learn more about service dogs and the DDA, please contact us.

Are you and your employees adequately educated on DDA law and prepared to handle these circumstances? Protect your business by educating your employees. Training is based on requirements under the DDA and the Disabilities Commission.

There is a lack of national education regarding DDA law as it applies to Service Dogs and with the number of FALSE service and “Pets with a vest” on the rise, it is crucial for businesses to be protected and educated regarding their rights and responsibilities.

There is a certification for Service Dogs under the DDA. However, there are strict parameters for those who try to pass off a pet as a Service Dog. There are also Service Dogs that are not properly trained, and their behaviour does not represent a true Service Dog, potentially creating multiple problems for businesses.

Many people have a disability, making it difficult for them to do everyday tasks and their Service Dog makes independence possible. There is an incredible amount of time and money invested in a well-trained Service Dog, not to mention the incredible benefits of being able to live a full and productive life. 

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