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We offer a varied, challenging and rewarding working environment.


The work we do shapes health, care and AAI policy, programs and research in Australia.

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Volunteering Group

Our organisation could not operate without dedicated volunteers – they are our backbone and primary source of support. Without the extra set of hands to help clients participate, the communication between animal and leader, the constant care of our animals and their home, and the partnerships in our community, it would be nearly impossible to serve our clients!


Volunteers play a significant role in the success of the organisation and the dedicated support they provide is greatly appreciated.

We welcome the involvement of volunteers across a wide range of roles within our organisation. 

As featured 

Do you own a well Mannered Dog? and would like to make a difference

(Pet) Therapy Dogs

Is your dog spending all his time looking out the window or confined to the backyard watching life passing him by? 

Provide an enrichment program for you and your best friend. 

Perhaps this is the problem solver for you, volunteer as a pet therapy dog team


1: Do you own a well mannered dog?

2: Live in Adelaide or in surrounding areas?

3: Do you have 1  1/2 hours a week/fortnight/monthly to share your time and  dog within community visitations? 

Volunteer Job Listings

We are hiring! Job listing 2024

As featured 


  • Accounts

  • Admissions

  • Animal Attendant

  • Artists

  • Audio Visual

  • Builders

  • Education/Volunteers

  • Dog trainers/behaviourlists

  • First Aid

  • Graphic Design

  • Grounds and Landscaping

  • Group Bookings

  • Human Resources

  • Management

  • Marketing

  • Photography

  • Properties

  • Rescue Team

  • Retail Management

  • Retail Warehouse

  • School Based Trainees

  • Security

  • Technical

  • Tour Desk

  • Website Team

Have questions or need more information? 

We will be happy to answer any questions you have, walk you through the process, or schedule an appointment.

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