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Development of New or enhancing existing therapy animal programs

Development or enhancement

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We Believe

Development of new or enhancing existing therapy animal programs

We provide consultation about all areas of developing a new or enhancing an existing therapy animal program.

To assure quality and protect the consumer, therapy animal programs must be standards-based.

Become conversant in Standards of Practice in Animal-Assisted Interventions: Activities, Education & Therapy,

We can help you avoid common pitfalls, and thus enhance staff, volunteer, and patient satisfaction – and save money.

We help you meet your needs for both people and animals.

Common areas of consultation services:

  • Policies and Practices:

  • Feasibility Study:

  • Staff Training

  • Volunteer Selection and Training

  • Behavioural Screening - you will be assured that the dog/handler volunteers entering your program are suitable and qualified to meet your needs.

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