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AAI Professionals

Join in our vision of creating 'a global community of Animal Assisted Intervention Professionals"

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AAI Enthusiasts Club is the best way to stay connected to Animal Assisted Interventions Australia Discovery Centre, as it provides insight and behind the scenes vision into everything that makes us a Animal Assisted Interventions leader.

With updates on our training, rescue missions and an in-depth look at our projects. 

Just $10.00 per month for unrestricted access to AAI Enthusiasts Club and receive a free subscription to AAI Training Magazine.

AAI Training and Discovery Centre

We'll take you on a journey and show you first-hand the work we do during our exciting day-to-day activities. Watch as our keepers provide animal updates and show you what it's like to work with different animal species

Training and Enrichment

Animal training and enrichment go hand-in-hand here at the AAI Training and Wellness Centre. Both have to do with an animal's behaviour and how they act and react to different situations.

We provide a stimulating life for our animals, with opportunities to engage in natural behaviour, be more active and have more control over their environment. 

Research and Systematic Work

Creative and systematic work undertaken to increase knowledge, of the human-animal bond. Including knowledge of human-, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications."

Articles and Writings 

Writings that demonstrate that live human-animal interaction has unique therapeutic effects for the general public, as well as for those populations with clinical dysfunction. Our investigations contribute to evidence-based practice in the field of animal-assisted interventions.

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