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Management Board
A Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing all corporate governance matters, providing the organisation with strategic leadership and direction, leads a senior management team responsible for the major financial and administrative decisions and is the principle decision making body.

Jody Morrish

Founder & CEO


Erick Koh



Dave Ogden


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Bronnie Smith


Leadership Teams
Our Leadership Team is comprised of the following members of staff:
Our Dogs & Human Teams
We foster the holistic health and well-being of animals, individuals and families of all abilities in South Australia and surrounding communities through encounters and hands-on participation in animal-assisted intervention services of wellness activity experiences.
Leadership Teams
Our Leadership Team is comprised of the following members of staff:

Pet Therapy Dog Registry Teams

Passionate Individuals

The Therapeutic Dog Services organisation spans a network of passionate individuals incorporating dogs into Animal Assisted Activities, community visiting programs.


Every team is credentialed, passing through standardised assessment, classroom training, hands-on training, mentorship,  volunteer industry placement, and professional development.


Assistance Intervention Dogs

Assistance Intervention Dogs assist individuals and groups of people within goal-orientated programs.


Qualified professionals work alongside specifically trained dogs for the level of professional work in healthcare and social service settings.

Animal Assisted Therapist +

The organisation spans a network of highly qualified professionals incorporating animals into treatment.


Every certified professional is a credentialed, registered, practicing health or human service provider or Animal Specialist, who demonstrates skill and expertise regarding the clinical applications of  human-animal interactions.