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Volunteering at the AAI Centre

AAI Centre could not operate without dedicated volunteers – they are our backbone and primary source of support. Without the extra set of hands to help clients participate, the communication between animal and leader, the constant care of our animals and their home, and the partnerships in our community, it would be nearly impossible to serve our clients!

Individual volunteering opportunities

Whether you have experience with animals, with people or just simply life,

there is a position for everyone at the AAI Centre.

Both adults and young adults are welcome! 

Barn Team : Be a vital part of a fun team that works to keep our animals happy, healthy and safe!

Animal Leading : Take responsibility for one of our AAI Animals before, during and after class.

Support Clients : Provide direct support to our clients from arrival until departure in a safe learning environment.

Animal Handling : Participate in turn in/turn out and help prepare animals for their class. Great for learning to animal lead!

Animal Care Team : Assist our Animal Staff with training our animals and preparing them for success. Great for developing your animal skills!

Instructors Assistant : Provide additional support to the instructor, volunteers and clients before, during and after a class.

Mentor : Participate in our Volunteer Mentoring program to support other volunteers as they gain animal leading skills.

Administration and Tour Guide : Help us with administrative tasks such as answering phones, filing, and conducting tours.

Maintenance and Landscaping : Help us with maintenance tasks around the facility such as painting, repairing fences and building/grounds maintenance.

Let's Make A Difference Together

Here are some ways you can contribute by volunteering:


Ways to Donate

Register & Particpate for Services

Get Involved by volunteering

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation.

The volunteer process begins with the AAI training and wellness centre, and farm orientation.

Contact us at EMAIL:  support@tdsinc.com.au

to find out when the next orientation is scheduled.


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