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Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond

Therapeutic Dog Services

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Australian Registered Charity

Australian Registered Charity,

Not- For - Profit Incorporated Company.

Service delivery is conducted throughout South Australia

Incorporation Number: A41319

ABN: 90 024 628 522

The Principle Activity of the Company is
  • promoting human health and well being with animal assistance and conducting education and training.

  • service delivery of Animal Assisted Interventions: Animal Assisted Activities (Therapy Dog Services), Animal Assisted Education, Animal Assisted Therapy, Wellness and Be Active Programs.

  • Partnering with other S.A Service Providers and Business facilities to form mutually beneficial programs.

  • to provide quality, innovative and inclusive services to enable people living with acute illness, aging, disability and mental health, and their families to reach their full potential.

  • supporting people living with acute illness, aging, disability and mental health, and their families within the community.

Rights Campaigning

We campaign alongside people living with acute illness, aging, disability, and mental health population.

For rights that most take for granted.  These include access to services, transport, freedom of mobility, and provision of better rehabilitation services.  Working closely with animal and dog owners, service providers, other voluntary organisation and MPs, and have successfully influenced policies and legislation.


Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated carries out research that provides sound scientific evidence on which to base our services, campaigns, policies, and operational procedures.

We carry out research projects and carry out programs and services,  research in-house or with external collaborators.

Humane Treatment of Animals
A 'Hands-On' Approach

We work to educate the public in the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. Sound scientific evidence forms the basis for our decision-making and determines the course of our operations. In all that we do we aim to find practical solutions that benefit both animals and people.


We also work with other like-minded organisations and government departments to strengthen legislation to protect animals from cruelty and neglect.

Our Initiatives

opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else!

Animal Assisted Intervenions Training and Wellness Centre


Animal Assisted Interventions Centre is entirely unique in being the only animal-assisted intervention training and wellness centre (rural facility) in Australia.

Our animals are trained and lovingly housed in a rural facility surrounded in a picturesque and tranquil bush setting. Our 10 Acre property allows many of our animal family to enjoy free-range natural habitats. 

Assistance Intervention Dogs


We provide advanced trained Assistance Intervention Dogs, to assist in goal-orientated programs to many people in the community.

Providing service delivery of dog assisted activities, education, literacy, and therapy to over 10.000 people a year.  


Assistance Intervention Dogs assist individuals and groups of people within goal-orientated programs. Qualified professionals work alongside specifically trained dogs for the level of professional work in healthcare and social service settings.

Pet Therapy Dog Teams
Community Work (Volunteering)


We provide trained Pet Therapy Teams, humans and their well-mannered dogs, to provide emotional and physical benefits to many people in the community.

Providing service delivery of dog assisted activities, to over 25,000 people a year. 

Therapy Dog Training Centre
School for Therapy Dogs


Comprehensive training programs for community visiting humans and their canine companions.

Inclusive education and placement


With the most inclusive education available, our School for Pet Therapy Dog Teams will teach you progressive and innovative methods for training your dog, community placement and working with people in a way that will make your Pet Therapy Dog career a successful one.

AAI Consultancy


We can help you avoid common pitfalls, and thus enhance staff, volunteer, and patient satisfaction – and save money.

We help you meet your needs for both people and animals.


To assure quality and protect the consumer, therapy animal programs must be standards based.

Become conversant in Standards of Practice in Animal-Assisted Interventions: Activities, Education & Therapy,

Qualified Professionals


Therapeutic Dog Services organisation spans a network of highly qualified professionals incorporating animals into treatment.

Every certified Therapeutic Dog Services professional, is a credentialed, registered, practicing health or human service provider or Animal Specialist, who demonstrates skill and expertise regarding the clinical applications of human-animal interactions.

Our Mission

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Our Vision

Enhance the lives of people in need.

Our Mission

Offer unique Animal Assisted Interventions programs and services to individuals so they reach their full potential.

Our Goal

The goal is to provide the highest level of personalized and compassionate services for loved ones and/or a Community Facility's clients and/or patients.

  • your loved one, community Facility client or patient deserves the best possible intervention or medical care. Facilities are skilled in many areas, but at times it is in the client’s or patient’s best interest to utilize available outside specialized services to enhance therapeutic care within their facility.

  • committed to social justice and inclusion, and respect the rights of all people, in all their diversity, to live with dignity and safety and to enjoy healthy relationships. 

Our Values


Pursues the mission of enhancing the quality of life for persons with aging, disabilities, mental health and their families,  pledging to conduct oneself according to values, moral compass, deeply held beliefs and principles, culture and how to behave while guiding decision-making. 

To serve others because it inspires us.

Whether supporting individuals and their families, partners, employees or donors, achieving enormous satisfaction from being of service.

To live the vision every day.

Embracing challenges and in doing so, change the lives of individuals, partners, communities and the world.


First and always to those we serve. Doing as one says and as what one does.  And nothing short of excellence will satisfy.

Operate with integrity.

Hold oneself to the highest industry and ethical standards.

Never give up.

Resourceful problem-solver. Teamwork and collaboration are cornerstones of how to get results.

Respect every individual.

Treat each other with fairness and dignity. Promoting honest communication and inclusiveness.

Join Us

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond


Strong partnerships are built on principles such as integrity and transparency.

At Therapeutic Dog Services, AAI Joint Venture, we take pride in our AAI works, and how they are transforming Adelaide’s Animal Assisted Interventions future.
We are also proud of the relationships we have forged with those communities in which we work. If there is ever an issue during or after the completion of a project, we will accept responsibility and remedy it.


One team working one way

Our workforce consists of permanent staff members and a vast network of sub-contractors. And everyone is treated like a member of the Therapeutic Dog Services family.
Sub-contractors are a core part of our organisation, and a key reason for our ongoing success, so it is important that we look after them and provide a better working environment. Accordingly, we expect only the very best from them when out in the field.

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond

Email: therapydogs@tdsinc.com.au

Phone: 0481293370

Tel: 08 8591 8109 Answering Service

Registered Charity: 90 024 628 522 

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