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The Professionals Learning Portal is the gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate AAI teaching and learning.

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Due to current COVID 19 circumstances, our Professional Learning Portal is closed at this time.

We are sure you understand and would still love for you to register your interest.

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AAI Professional Development


Private Group Coaching

Giving a Hand

Dog Partner Training

Dogs with Dog Walker

Basic to advanced dog training

Industry Training

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Assistance, Companion, Therapy Animal Intervention Services

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Animal Film and TV Services

Public Speaker

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Working from Home

Assistance Animals for Professionals

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education and placement

Therapy Dog Training Centre

School for Therapy Dogs

With the most inclusive education available, our School for Therapy Dog Teams will teach you progressive and innovative methods for training your dog, community placement and working with people in a way that will make your Therapy Dog career a successful one.

Learning through AAI Discovery Centre

Many people now are becoming interested in introducing animals for therapeutic benefits to humans as a career. Here, at The Animal Assisted Interventions Discovery Centre we have a range of training programs to help you.

We are often asked by people if they can spend time with us to learn how we work. To protect our animals and clients’ privacy we do not allow this, but you can learn about our way of working by booking onto one of our training sessions. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about animal-assisted activities for professional reasons or personal interest. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that your training fee contributes to the running of the therapeutic programs.

Our training programs are based on our extensive knowledge of bringing together animals and people in a way that benefits both, combining our experience of working with people from a variety of backgrounds with nonabusive animal training.

Animal Assisted Interventions Discovery Centre is primarily a working therapeutic animal centre, so we continue to develop our skills on a daily basis.

Now is your chance to share this. We can offer practical advice and inspirational information, based on professional experience and a lifetime of learning.

We have a range of workshops and training programs – take a look at what we have on offer, or contact us with your individual requirements for a tailor-made training program.

Industry Professionals Training In AAI

Chicken Farm

Animal Encounters

Working from Home

Animal Training And Welfare

Public Speaker

Ethical & Safety

Best Practices

Animal Training And Welfare