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You can not underestimate the value of canine therapy

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Impact/new reality/managing

Social distancing rules, due to the impact of COVID-19, has created a barrier between those in need of canine therapy visits and those special dogs that can give them a little TLC.

The dog-human therapy teams also thrive on the engagement. Our handlers and animals also miss the person to person interaction.

While there is certainly a future for virtual and window visits, “You cannot underestimate the value of our face to face animal assisted activities service,”

Our 60 +-volunteer certified pet therapy teams, consisting of a dog and its human, help children and adults by achieving specific physical, cognitive, social, or emotional goals through interaction.

The organisation impacts around 30,000 people annually from individual engagements, events such as presentations and informational booths, workplace, and facility visits.

  • A stressed individual’s blood pressure lowers as he / she gently pets or strokes the canine.

  • An otherwise nonverbal senior talks during canine visiting time, with a paw in hand.

  • A child’s reading skills improve as the dog lays or sits to listen attentively.

New Reality. Several enduring shifts will remain post recovery as many learnt behaviours born out of the crisis will become central to the new normal.

Managing through the current challenges, and imbedding resilience for recovery and the new reality will be challenging, but together we can work on the answers

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