What is included in your sponsorship?

What is included in your sponsorship?

Because you sponsor a program, dog or animal. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the journey.

We will send you monthly email updates on how your sponsored programs, dog’s lives are changing and updates by post three times a year.

You will also receive our welcome pack, special sponsor’s certificate, photos, invitations to Therapeutic Dog Services supporter events, our supporter magazine, "Animals in the rehabilitation and care of people" and much more.

Sponsorship is a wonderful way to support the Assistance Intervention Dogs program and get involved in the process. Our sponsors are given special updates and acknowledged during the graduation ceremonies.

There are several different Sponsorship Opportunities

Off to work


Everything a new assistance intervention dog needs to embark on its new mission (specially designed custom leather harness, two collars, tie-down, leash, vaccinations, grooming tools, dog bed, booties, food and toys).

New Born Sponsorship $1000

Covers the cost of breeding, delivery and all expenses for one newborn puppy up to 8 weeks of age. You will receive a certificate of appreciation and a photo of one of our sweet newborns.

Puppy Sponsorship: $5,000

This sponsorship covers all expenses from 8 weeks until puppy returns to campus for formal training at age 12 months. As a sponsor, you will receive a written update and photographs quarterly.

Assistance Intervention Dog Sponsorship: $24,000

Allows you to sponsor the complete Assistance Interventions dog team partnership. It covers all expenses for both handler and dog. You will receive an engraved plaque acknowledging your extraordinary generosity with a photo of the team you sponsored and will be acknowledged at our on-site graduation ceremony where you’ll have the opportunity to meet your sponsored team.

Lifetime supporting a Assistance Intervention Dog $50,000

Thinking of fully supporting an Assistance Intervention Dog?

It costs $50,000 and up to two years to train an Assistance Intervention Dog.

You can help turn our cute puppies into fully capable and trained Assistance Intervention Dogs by investing $50,000 in a single payment or over two years.

You can enjoy your tax advantages by receiving a full tax-deductible receipt and make a life-changing difference to our assistance intervention dogs lives while they help disadantaged Australians.

As a sponsor, you'll receive regular update letters and photos from your sponsored dog. If you have a workplace, dog can come and visit and even share birthday celebrations with you and your colleagues.

As a puppy sponsor, you will share the two-year journey from puppyhood through to graduation, and while on the job as an Assistance Intervention Dog.

Become a full Puppy Sponsor today!

Please contact

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated at 0418 293 370 or therapydogs@tdsinc.com.au

When you sponsor an assistance intervention dog, you or your gift recipient will receive (via email):

  • A ready-to-display sponsor certificate with a full-color photo of your new family member.

  • A profile with beautiful images of your assistance intervention dog along with detailed information from the field.

  • A digital subscription to the AAI Journal, the Therapeutic Dog Services quarterly newsletter.

  • A special video of your new family member.

  • Downloadable images of your AAI dog family member.

  • 3 monthly e-newsletter to keep up to date with all our latest on how the dogs are making a difference through their work, as well as what’s happening at Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated and The Animal Assisted Intervention Care Farm and Discovery Centre.

  • A yearly update on your new AAI dog family member - keep up to date with all our latest on how the dogs are making a difference through their work, as well as what’s happening at Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated and The Animal Assisted Intervention Care Farm and Discovery Centre.

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