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We say Goodbye to an Ol Mate

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Cossie AKA Cosmo travels rainbow bridge 20/01/2020

Remember Me

“Remember me and don't be sad"

Memories are all you have I now have crossed the rainbow bridge

This is the place where I now live

I have many friends, but I wait for you

Wipe your eyes, please do not be blue

I can see and hear like when I was young

And I never tire of having fun

I can run and play or lie around

For heaven is what I have found

My time on earth now is gone

But I know my memory will live on

When you miss me look up to the sky at night and you will see the brightest star.... that is me

So, until we one day meet again

Know that you were my best friend.

You will be very missed buddy.

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