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Therapy Dogs are missing human interaction

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Like many people, therapy dogs are also missing human interaction.

Therapy Dogs are also feeling very lonely.

With all our joint venture partners trying to work under restrictions, restrictions have been in place since early march and for our therapy dog volunteer services has been fully impacted, its really sad as its time like these when people need us the most.

Social distancing rules are taking more of a toll, as some of our therapy dogs, interacting with others is all that they know.......brightening someones day.

Dave (President) and Jody (AAI Director) have continued on communicating with industry partners and stakeholders throughout the Covid crisis and the feedback has been that said “many aged care, hospital, disability and mental health workers are feeling the difference of not having the dog teams around. “They’re just as helpful to the staff as they are to the patients.

Long terms effects

If you are worried about the long term effects this distancing could have on therapy dogs.

Right Now all you can do is look into temporary solutions. What many dog owners may not realise is that simply walking your dog a few times a week and basic training wont lead to fulfilling lives for them. There is much more to it – they need enrichment, and you can provide that for them in a multitude of ways.

Enrichment is a way to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog by way of puzzles, training, games, and socialisation – all built to tap into natural canine instincts and behaviours.

Environmental enrichment combats boredom by dengaging dogs in activities that stimulate them mentally and physically. And even in small doses, enrichment has other incredible effects.

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