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Do you own a well mannered dog?

  • Would you love to share your well mannered dog and make a difference to others?

  • Volunteer positions are available in the utilisation of dogs as therapeutic tools, to educate, heal and rehabilitate clients and patients, within our aged care community nursing homes. ​

  • Positions are available within our community dog visiting program with volunteer placements within our aged care partnering facilities.

We provide:

  • training

  • dog temperament testing

  • police clearance requirements

  • Insurance

  • placement

  • professional development

Dog less Handlers

  • You may be interested in working with us as a volunteer within our Therapeutic Dog Services dog visiting program, but you do not own a dog, or your dog is not appropriate due to temperament.

  • We have some therapeutic teams in which own more than one therapy dog per family.

  • Our policy only allows handler to handle one dog at a time on visitations for obvious reasons being safety!

  • Dog less handlers are volunteers who don't have dogs of their own, but would like to be involved in handling someone else's "extra" dog.

  • A dog less handler would accompany the Therapeutic Dog team on their visit and handle the "extra" dog!

  • As you can appreciate it is only appropriate for one handler to be in control of 1 dog at a time. 

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