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Teams on the Job

Kerry & Neo

Long standing members: Kerry & Neo return in 2021, providing visits to Palliative Care, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2022.

Fabulous to have you back on board.

Lois & Bundy

Meet Lois and Bundy, sharing the love at Kadina Nursing Home.

Lois and Bundy train every Sunday with Moonta Dog Obedience Group.

Bundy holds the titles of CCD (Community Companion Dog) and RN (Rally Novice).

Tracey & B

Tracy & B - Look at that face. Tracy wants to bring happiness and hopefully make the day better for anyone they visit - B brings so much happiness and joy to her life - Tracy just wants to share the love. B is one of our youngest dogs just over 1 year old. Good Job team.

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