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When only the best will do…… contract or partner with professional health human service provider Ms Jody Morrish, award winning service provider, professional therapist who demonstrates 21 years of skill and expertise regarding the clinical applications of human-animal interactions. 7 x trained assistance dogs and multidisciplinary team.

Types of interventions: Animal Assisted Activities, Education or Therapy. all of which offer a broad spectrum of involvement and may take place across a variety of structured settings

(AAA): Activity that involves interactions between people and animals but are not goal-centred or designed to meet an individual’s specific needs, for example, meet and greet activities.

(AAE) Animal-Assisted Education: A specialised application of AAA or AAT directed at students and involves the incorporation of animals in an educational setting

(AAAT) Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT): Goal-directed intervention integrated into a treatment program that intentionally incorporates animals. Sessions are evaluated and documented

AAI Facilitator and multidisciplinary team

Contract:     Ms Jody Morrish and the Assisted Interventions dog team.

Dogs:           Trained assistance dogs x 7

Other:          Multidiscplinary team: Combination of AAI facilitator and multidisciplinary AAI led teams

Your facility: Delivering Dog Assited Intervention programs. Incorporating programs within your facility and existing activity programs.

Incorporates animals either as part of a therapeutic process or in less structured interactions.

AAI Development: Develop program in consultation with all involved to meet the desired outcomes and goals identified  client needs assessment

Service Delivery: In servicing staff and residents. (

Implementation: set up, training, assistance and support of AAI programs. activities, education and therapy.


Provide professional assistance related to the AAI program, structure and co ordinate.

Comply with regulated: AAI policies and procedures, animals on site policies, animal welfare, infection control and animal removal.

Staff Support:

Work with you and your staff during implementation to help you gain a general understanding of Animal Assisted Interventions system.

Assist in planning and assembling AAI programs.

Training, Testing and Reporting:

All AAI programs are evaluated and documented

Produce accurate reports: assure that programs are functioning as intended

Produce reports to meet accreditation and credentialing body.

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond


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