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Leadership Opportunities

Lending Their Vision

Leadership Opportunities

If you would like more information about becoming a leadership member, please send an email describing your interest to


Become a Volunteer Today!

Leaders lend their vision to the Therapeutic Dog Services community and contribute to defining the path forward.

At Therapeutic Dog Services we’re committed to recruiting passionate, open, authentic, and courageous leaders who are dedicated to inspiring and leading teams to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Human Resources Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Dog Temperament Evaluators

  • Team Induction/Orientation external sites

  • On the job assessments:

  • Volunteer coordination

Being a leader simply means you are willing to teach and support others, be a positive role model, and be ready to serve as well as lead when necessary and appropriate. Effective leaders can be found at every level in the organisation. Even if you work under someone else's leadership, you can still be a leader in your ideas and attitudes about your job.

Many of our leadership opportunities commence in a volunteer role, please note that each volunteer leadership role has the potential of becoming paid employment.

Get in Touch

For all inquiries please contact

Therapeutic Dog Services


Phone: 0481293370


Animal Assisted Therapist +

Phone: 0415 132 654

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