Corporate Relationships and Sponsorship

Therapeutic Dog Services has great relationships with corporate and local community organisations our corporate relationships are two-way. 

From corporate social responsibility, philanthropy to boosting team engagement,

Therapeutic Dog Services is a powerful partner for business.

Corporate Relationships

You can show your corporate organisation is socially responsible and demonstrate a business advantage through a corporate partnership or sponsorship with us.

Corporate partnerships and sponsorship with Therapeutic Dog Services are individually and uniquely designed to be mutually beneficial.

Corporate Australia can play a significant leadership role in helping us achieve our objectives, and we want you to benefit from the partnership too. It's important to us that you achieve your corporate social responsibility and marketing objectives such as staff or customers understanding that you are helping us work towards  "Animals in the rehabilitation and social care of people"        

There are lots of ways you can become involved.

Therapeutic Dog Services has great relationships with corporate and local community organisations.

Corporate partnerships, strategic partnerships, work place giving, employee giving, employee engagement, in kind and pro bono support, and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Work Place Giving

  • Employee Engagement

  • In kind and pro bono Support

  • Employee Giving

Sponsorship Opportunities

Tax Deductible Donations

Be part of our team and give what you can. – every contribution counts.

Get involved and make a difference learn the many ways you can support Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated in sponsorship, tax deductible donations, purchase advertisement space, sponsorship of a assistance intervention dog or display a collection box. ​

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated Provides 501(c) status. Gifts made to Therapeutic Dog Services are deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Fiscal accountability to community and contributors including acknowledgement of contributions.

Monitoring of all financial contributions by a staff certified public accountant.

You get to choose, where you would like to support, volunteer training and placement, support a team with visitations, help us with insurance coverage, uniforms for our volunteers, programs and services, support a individual visit or facility visit , sponsor 1 or more assistance intervention dogs.

You get to choose, where you would like to support

  • Money Donation

  • Volunteer training and placement

  • Support a team with visitations

  • Help us with insurance coverage

  • Uniforms for our volunteers 

  • Support Specific Programs or Services

  • Support a individual visit or facility visit

  • Sponsor 1 or more assistance intervention dogs

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