Therapeutic Dog Services Established 2001:

In the Beginning

Jody and Cody (Original Therapy Dog)

Established in 2001: The Counselling & Therapy Dog Services originated as a pilot program conducted and trialed privately by Behavioural Scientist/Health Care Professional, Jody Morrish, within Drug and Alcohol Services, and private Mental Health Services.

Ms Morrish with her innovation, leadership and project development inspired. Service and programs were sought after throughout other SA Service Providers, Ms Morrish forming many partnership relationships. 

Ms. Morrish, along with a group of employees, other South Australian service providers, parents and caregivers identified a gap in complementary service provision for persons living with acute illness, ageing, disabilities, and mental health which gave the impetus to change the focus in our service delivery. We revisited our mission, visions and values and on the 4th of April 2012, Therapeutic Dog Services was accepted and established as a Not-for Profit Organisation. 

Opening up opportunities to join the movement, general community members with well mannered dogs joined in a volunteer capacity to help in the mission of "Making a difference.

In line with the philosophy, Therapeutic Dog Services (TDS Inc) has been driven by strong client participation and over time has developed and re-configured its services in response to the changing needs of this group. 


Ms. Morrish, along with 87 volunteer staff currently provide a wide range of services to thousands of children and adults each year, including providing mutually beneficial, complementary therapy programs, in partnership within a large variety of service providers within South Australia. (hospitals, nursing homes, community houses, disability services and mental health), as well as privately delivered services from the Therapeutic Dog Services Centre at Fulham and various metro Adelaide hubs.

Recognised as a professional growing organisation. 

Today we open dialogue and inspire thousands of adults, children and seniors whom are abused, disabled, sick, lonely, injured or depressed. Expanding our programs offering Animal Assisted Interventions: Activities, Education and Therapy Dog Program, Counselling and Mental Health, Wellness and Be Active, Support Visiting programs, courses and workshops.

Ms Morrish, as a recognised award winning service provider, still heads up Therapeutic Dog Services, oversees all programs and services, she now concentrates her time in designing, structuring, coordinating, and delivering clinical based programs throughout Australia.

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond


Phone: 0481293370

Tel: 08 8591 8109 Answering Service

Registered Charity: 90 024 628 522 

Bequests, Legacy & In Memory

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