How much does an Assistance Intervention Dog Cost?

The total cost to raise, train, and lifetime care of our Assisted Intervention Therapy Animals are exuberant, although there is no charge to community or industry partners for either the animal or any associated training. If you would like to be involved in an animal's journey to becoming an Assistance Intervention Therapy Animal, or lifetime care please sponsor one of our animals today.

How much does a Assistance Intervention Dog cost?

Initial Costs $50,000

  • Breeding

  • Raising

  • Training

  • Instruction to the AAI dog user

  • Instruction for the AAI dog teams

  • Equipment

  • Transportation to and fro

  • Housing

  • Follow up services

Ongoing expenses $900-$1,200 annually

$900-$1,200 annually is similar to the range you’d spend on a pet dog. Recurring expenses:

  • Dog food/treats 

  • Vet Checkups

  • Vaccinations

  • Licensing 

  • Dog Toys 

  • Other dog products:

  • Collar

  • Leash

  • Harness

  • Brush

  • Crate

  • Dog Bowls

  • Dog Bed

  • Grooming including bathing, nail trimming, brushing, etc.

  • Flea/Tick Medication

  • Heartworm medication

Initial Cost

  • Initial cost for Assistance Intervention Dog = $50,000

  • Ongoing cost = $1,200 a year

  • Estimated working span = 10 years

  • Total cost for a Assistance Intervention Dog = $60,000

That total number does not include cost during retirement years and also no major medical expenses.

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