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    Giving Your Time to Charity

    1: We know that when you first start thinking about volunteering, there is a lot to take in and a lot of choices out there. So have a browse of our volunteering pages, find out about the roles that you could do in your local area and find out what other volunteers think. 

    2.    Get in touch and find out what you'd like to do

    If you know what you would like to do, then fantastic! Just go straight to our apply for a role today form and you're all set. If you’re not so sure then just give us a call or you can complete our register your interest form and we'll send you some more info or invite you in for an information session to help you decide.

    3.    Register 

    Once you’ve decided what you want to do, we can start the registration process. You can either do this online, or you can contact our head office on  048 129 3370 or 7200 4066 ask the administration support to do this for you. If you’re not computer savvy, don’t worry, we can send you a copy in the post or do it over the phone. We will ask for your contact information and details of two referees so that we can make sure we know all our volunteers are safe to work with our people and our dogs.

    4.    Make sure the role is right for you

    Once we have received your references back from your two referees (something which we get for you), we will get in touch to let you know you have completed the registration process. You will then hear from a member of staff to chat through your registration more and make sure you are applying for the right role for you.

    5.    Training

    Therapeutic Dog Services will send you an invite to an information session. You will have the opportunity to a general introductory session where you can find out more about what we do. If you are convinced that you want to volunteer with us, you will have training in the role you will be doing so that you know everything you need to before getting started.

    6.    Get volunteering!

    Now, it’s time to take the plunge and start your volunteering. We look forward to hearing all about your experiences of volunteering at Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated.