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Facility Animals living at your facility

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Long-term-care facilities have many education needs associated with augmenting their human habitat with animals. Whereas an essential principle is to utilize the experience of staff and residents, sometimes specialized expertise is needed to augment the resources you have on site. We can help you avoid expensive mistakes in animal choice and common pitfalls in incorporating animals into your habitat.

We help you meet your needs for both people and animals.

Training and consultation services

We help staff and residents prepare by developing standards-based policies and practices before animals are introduced.

Residential animals require care plans just as do human residents. We help your Animal Committee develop realistic, humane, and thorough animal care plans that can be easily maintained by staff and residents for all animal species.

Animal Activities programs: we educate staff on how to write animal interactions into residents’ care plans, encouraging day-to-day interactions between animals and residents, and trouble-shooting potential animal illnesses or behaviour problems.

Facilities often seek aid for their Animal Committees regarding the following, and more:

  • Animal selection

  • Animal care

  • Animal Training

  • Enrichment programs for facility animals


They also seek consultation regarding the following, and more:

  • Working with Infection Control

  • Meeting accreditation and credentialing body surveys. We help you obtain high marks on your facility’s animal program

  • In-servicing staff and residents

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