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Congratulations! New Members

Updated: Dec 18, 2021


Therapy Dog Registry

Congratulations to you on your remarkable success!

This great news thrilled all of us and we are so proud of you. It takes effort to stay calm and focused when you have so many distractions within the dog temperament assessment in unfamiliar environment, strange people, noise factor and so much more.

We welcome you as a member

The next step is online and in classroom training sessions for the parent. This will help guide parent through all the procedures and policies including tips on what you can and cannot do within animal assisted activities. Learn all the tricks of the trade to make it easy for you to be the best at what you do.

Welcome to the furry family.

Temp Tests 28/09/2021

Meg and Max / Carolin and Tank

Temp Tests 16/10/2021

Denise and Gracie, Halena and Molly, Jody and Annaleise

Nikki and Ruby, Rosy and Locky, Anne and Holly

Angela and Lola

Temperament Test 11/12/2021

Aoife (dog), Lorelle and Damien, Bozena and Misha, Elaine and Luna,

Pamela and Tara, Lois and Bundy, Tyler and Ryder

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