Therapy Chickens

Chickens are becoming more common as therapy animals. They provide companionship to the elderly and special needs clients.

Did you know that Chickens have high intelligence and can easily create personal bonds with humans.

Chickens can recognise up to one hundred human faces. This means it doesn't take them long to recognise who their owners are and who the nice person is that feeds them every morning

The natural life span of a chicken can be up to 10 years. 

Currently we work with 

Isa Brown. Isa browns are adorable and affectionate little feathered friends that can produce up to a whopping 300-350 eggs per year! ...

Backyard chickens can make excellent additions to a family – no matter where you live. We're seeing an explosion of backyard chickens in both urban and rural areas. ... Many cities have embraced the benefits of backyard flocks; however, chicken keeping is not yet permitted everywhere.


Check out your local council regulations on Backyard chickens, Different councils have different rules about chicken keeping. South Australia: Summary: Maximum of 4 chickens in residential areas. 

Isa Browns

Unpretentious and docile chicken breed that were developed by a French company for commercial laying capabilities.

hardy, prolific layer hens, gifting you with up to 300 eggs a year.

ISA Brown chickens have copper brown plumage and yellow legs, the breed is affectionate and hardy and they make an excellent backyard layer.

are a pretty safe breed if cuddling chickens is you thing, as they like to be cuddled and touched

  •       Breed specific and trained for pet therapy Chickens

  •       (Chickens are breed specific by a Chicken specialist), decades of experience

Available Soon Silkie Chickens

  • most charming and sweet natured breeds you will come across

  • is a feather-legged true bantam, meaning they are only available in bantam (miniature) size, and have profuse feathering covering their legs

  •  friendly, docile and calm, so they make a perfect pet- 

  • silkies have poor flying skills and love human interaction, making handling (and hugging) them a breeze

  • They will happily sit in your ones lap without hesitation, snuggling up close and lapping up all the love and attention

  • laying around 3 lovely little cream eggs a week

      Breed specific and trained for pet therapy Chickens

      (Chickens are breed specific by a Silkie Chicken breeder specialist, for showing purposes), decades of experience

Object every person needs to be loved.

Quality Therapy Chickens for industry facility, community or individuals with special needs

We offer two types of placement. 

1: Community: nursing homes, hospitals and community groups. 

2: Family or individual

​ where care will be the responsibility of the placement home. 

We will offer ongoing support where it is needed.  For further information on either of these placement types please fill out the form on our registration page and a representative will contact you.

10 Tips for keeping Backyard Chickens

  • Get the Right-Sized Coop.

  • Increase Egg-Laying.

  • Start with Adults instead of Chicks (If it's your first time)

  • Pick the Right Breed.

  • Keep the Coop Locked at Night to keep out Predators.

  • Teach Chickens to use Nesting Boxes.

  • Watch for Changes in Coloring or Behaviour.

  • Consider Climate when Caring for Chickens.

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