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Care Farm Strathalbyn

Animal Assisted Interventions Care Farm Strathalbyn

Is a place where people of all ages and abilities come together to reconnect to the earth, animals, nature, and themselves.

Plants and animals live in harmony with nature. All our farmed animals have been socialised as therapy animals and will get to live natural lives and to express their natural behaviours.

We welcome our industry partners and people to come to heal by participating in Animal Assisted Interventions or farm activities in whatever way they can. The very act of participating, being included, being in nature, and having a meaningful visit or task to accomplish can be incredibly healing, We privately offer this to children, youth, seniors, and people of all ages recovering from physical illness, mental health concerns and many other challenges.

Care farms are part of a growing "ecotherapy" movement that utilizes therapeutic farming practices. Provides health, social or educational care services for a range of people and provides animal-assisted interventions and farming-related activities.

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