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Our Story

Activities, Education, and Therapy is central to the work carried out by Therapeutic Dog Services.  

Every day hundreds of people get involved with our activities and programs, and so can you!

Individuals, School and Community Groups

are all Welcome!

Since the year 2001

we have been delivering

Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI),

 Activities (AAA),  Education (AAE), and Therapy (AAT).


Providing a wide range of programs to thousands of adults and children each year, forming mutually beneficial, complementary therapy programs, partnering with Service Providers within South Australia including privately delivered services from the Therapeutic Dog Services Hubs, Adelaide Metro and Regional

including Animal Assisted Interventions Discovery Centre, Strathalbyn Australia.


Animal & Human Volunteers


Community Client Contact

Joint Venture Partnerships


It’s amazing what happens when people see the difference they can make.

We apologise in advance if it takes us a bit longer than normal to get back to you.

You are important to us! 

The current environment created by the COVID-19 crisis is something we have never experienced before, and unfortunately has had an impact on our response times.

In the Beginning


Inspiring Passion and Purpose

In line with the philosophy, Therapeutic Dog Services (TDS Inc) has been driven by strong client participation and over time has developed and re-configured its services in response to the changing needs of this group.

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What we do

Initiativies and Projects

We work to deliver affordable, quality Animal Assisted Intervention Services, collaborating with  health services for better health, and outcomes for all Australians.

We’re working on many initiatives and programs to advance health. We regularly check to see how these are meeting the needs of Australians and improve where needed.

It’s amazing what happens when people see the difference they can make.

Organic Farm

Our Impact

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated helps one success lead to another as we build on the impact we’re making together: 

Meet our management board and leadership team, view our organisational chart.

Who We Are

Meet Our Teams

Meet our management board and leadership team, view our organisational chart.

Meet our therapy animals and humans, from volunteers to qualified professionals

Joint Venture

with Us

Learn about the benefits of working with us. we offer a varied, challenging and rewarding joint venture projects. The work we do shapes health,  care and AAI policy, programs and research in Australia.



We publish a range of reports about our activities

Browse our corporate plan, annual reports, and statements.

Learn about our partners, sponsors and supporting funding bodies.

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Our Partners

We have the opportunity to interact with

 inspiring clients and residents, allowing us to learn about their diverse experiences and life stories.

While supporting community, residents, and staff in animal-assisted intervention programs. 

Grant Support

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Supporters. The contribution helps us to expand our services and programs within South Australia; with these contributions, we are able to provide many more people with service delivery: Social connectedness, well-being and health through Animal Assisted Interventions.

News & Info

Whether you want the latest information delivered directly to your inbox or prefer to read a print newsletter or magazine, we have every option covered.

News and Info, Blog, Making a Difference Magazine, Publications, Social Networking, and Email updates.

Press office, Global news and info, Medical research and photo gallery.

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It’s amazing what happens when people see the difference they can make.

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