Rabbits Are Loving and Gentle Creatures

Rabbits have fun, unique personalities that make them perfect therapy pets or emotional support animals.

These easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance pets are ideal for apartment dwellers and anyone else who is looking for a cuddly companion that doesn’t require a lot of space. Just give your bunny lots of love and treats, and you’ll have a very happy companion.



A friendly and docile rabbit can be a great therapy pet or emotional support pet. 

Rabbits are small enough to be “lap size” therapy pets compared to large therapy dogs. Rabbits offer the advantage of being the least threatening in temperament and the most gentle.

Rabbits bond closely with their owners. They recognize owners by voice and sight and will even come on command. Loving, social animals, means they not only love to spend time with their humans – they require it.

You can expect a pet rabbit to live 10+ years. but the age of any rabbit is dependent on care importantly, diet. This allows you to establish a long term bond with these cuddly creatures. 

Bunnies are extremely quiet, and they are well-suited to apartment living. You’ll never have to worry about a noisy rabbit keeping your neighbors up at night, and the few squeaks they do make are seriously adorable.

Currently we work with 



Purebred Mini Lops

Purebred mini lops (2kgs).

Breed specific and trained for pet therapy rabbits

(Rabbits are breed by a rabbit specialist vet (10 years) more than a decade of experience


Object every person needs to be loved.

Quality Therapy Rabbits for industry facility, community or individuals with special needs


We offer two types of placement. 

1: Community: nursing homes, hospitals and community groups. 

2: Family or individual​ where care will be the responsibility of the placement home. 

We will offer ongoing support where it is needed.  For further information on either of these placement types please fill out the form on our registration page and a representative will contact you.


About Lop Rabbits


Mini Lops are very easy to care for and are a popular breed for pets due to their size and fun-loving nature. They weigh between 2+ kgs being the ideal. Mini Lops are known for their short, cobby bodies, round heads, and massive appearance in a small rabbit

There are seven different color groups for this breed:  there’s a pattern or a shade of the Mini Lop to match anyone’s preference. Whether you want a tri-colored, solid black, or anything in between, you’ll be able to find it!

Mini Lops are known to be the cuddliest pet rabbits around and are often described as looking like teddy bears because of their adorable looks and affectionate nature. With "velvety" fur offering an excellent calming tactile therapy. They are more than happy to be petted from head to little fuzzy tail! 

Because of their sweet disposition, Mini Lops make excellent pets not only for families with children (both younger or older), but also for couples, singles and seniors who are looking for a cuddly companion. Our Lops enjoy snuggling up and having their heads stroked by children and adults alike.