Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

Meet Our Animals

Animals are being used as therapy animals for a wide range of ailments. From children with autism to group homes for people who suffer from memory impairment disorders such as dementia, animals are helping people to connect with animals and each other. They are bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the lucky people who get to watch over them.

Animals bring about a nostalgic feeling to our older generations who may have grown up with animals and a new sense of awe to the younger ones.

The care of animals also brings teaching moments, responsibility, and routine to people who need this to thrive. 

All of the animals have been carefully raised and are trained to taking part in animal-assisted activities, education, and therapy

Assistance Intervention Dogs

The Animal Assisted Intervention Care Farm and Discovery Centre, is home to our Assistance Intervention Dogs, assistance dogs specifically trained to help individuals and groups in Animal Assisted Intervention clinical programs. Activities, Education and Therapy.

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Toy Terrier profile. isolated on white b
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Italian Greyhound puppy, 4 months old, s
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Black Royal poodle lying on a white back


Free Range Poultry Farm

Chickens as therapy animals can bring a sense of peace to your life. Sure, we love the eggs, but there is another benefit to keeping chickens and that is the peace they can bring to ones life. The soothing sense of calm, a reminder to slow down and smell the roses.

Take a moment to just watch the birds scratch about the yard. Chicken keeping is just good for the soul. 

Guinea Pigs

Minature Horses

Feeding Guinea Pig
Pony Love

Guinea pigs are herd animals and require the company of their own kind to effectively communicate and express themselves.


Having two guinea pigs or more enrich guinea pigs life and also provide us with the chance to observe all the wonderful sounds and different behaviours guinea pigs can only express with another cavy. 

Miniature horses are generally bred to be friendly and to interact well with people.

Our Miniature horses are trained for animal assisted intervention programs, assistance, carting, equine agility and other competitive horse show type events.



As well as visiting seniors centres and hospitals, we also conduct increasing public awareness of what excellent companions pet rabbits can be.

Scaley is the new cuddly

When people think of intervention or emotional support animals, they tend to think cuddly is better.

Dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs, birds, and horses have certainly earned their place in the therapy world.

However, a pet shouldn’t be overlooked just because it isn’t traditionally adorable and cuddly. 


Animals provide us with a sense of calm and comfort, and developing a bond with an animal can promote self-worth and self-regulation

Studies have proven that watching fish reduces stress and anxiety levels and improves mental health. 

Green Tree Frog
Red Eye Frog

Green Tree frogs can make great pets, sometimes living for over fifteen years.

Sea Turtle

Turtles make beautiful, fascinating, and enjoyable pets.

Turtles are special creatures that require special handling and a degree of commitment. 

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal  bond

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Three Horses
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