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With updates on our services and programs, missions and an in-depth look at animal-assisted intervention, joint ventures programs, and research projects.

Therapeutic Dog Services is South Australia's largest Joint Venture registration body

for Animal-Assisted Interventions Programs and Services. 

Therapeutic Dog Services serves a crucial role in advocating, advancing the profession, and providing service delivery

of animal-assisted interventions.

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Animal therapy can improve a patient’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning as well as increase a patient’s motivation and participation within their functional living environment.

Unlike people, with whom our interactions are often very complex and unpredictable,

animals provide a constant source of comfort and focus for attention.

Animals bring out our nurturing instinct and make us feel safe and unconditionally accepted.

People’s communicative intent as well as psycho social and physical well being

has been shown to increase around animals! 

Animal Assisted Interventions

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Strong partnerships are built on principles such as integrity and transparency.

At Therapeutic Dog Services Joint Venture,

we take pride in our work and how it is transforming Adelaide’s Animal Assisted Interventions future.
We are also proud of the relationships we have forged with industry partners and those communities in which we work.


Support Plan Package



Therapeutic Dog Services (Joint Ventures) provides you with a online publications to view the industry AAI support plan package, about the organisation, joint ventures working with us, scope of service, certification process,  guidelines for host organisation, responsibilities .....and much more - information held together.

We ask that this online folder be made accessible for all staff requiring to access this information. You will be provided with a specific password to access these publications.

JV Partners are provided with instant access  With updates on our services and programs, missions and an in-depth look at animal-assisted intervention, joint ventures programs, and up and coming projects..

Managers are able to oversee organisational joint venture functions,.

The booklets help with superior reporting outcomes and making decision easier and more accurate.

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Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond


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