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How to give to charity

How to give to charity so your donation really counts

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It really comes down to which causes matter to you most, and which organisations
you think will be the most effective.



Charity Checklist

  • If you're making a donation to an overseas aid organisation, check that it's a member of ACFID and, more importantly, a signatory to its Code of Conduct.

  • For domestic charities and commercial fundraisers, ask if they're a member of the FIA and are registered with the ACNC.

  • Check that the charity is licensed by its state or territory regulator. Each state has different exemptions. In some states, religious organisations don't need to be registered, for example.

Claiming Tax Deductions

  • Charity donations can be claimed on your tax return if your charity is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). This doesn't affect the amount of money the charity actually receives, just what you're entitled to deduct at tax time.

  • There are conditions about what you can claim. Donations must be at least $2 and you'll need a receipt. Some gifts to DGRs – such as tickets to a charity dinner or ball – are generally not eligible.

  • You can check if an organisation is a DGR via the ABN lookup website. There's also information about the deductibility of donations at the ATO.

So how do you choose a good charity?

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

1492005916_ACNC Registered Charity Tick.
Australian Registered Charity

ACNC: Australian Registered Charity,

Not- For - Profit Incorporated Company.

Service delivery is conducted throughout South Australia

Incorporation Number: A41319

ABN: 90 024 628 522

Your Gift Matters

Alternative ways to Donate


Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated


ACCOUNT NO: 298 510

BSB NO: 035 055

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Mobile: 0481 293 370

Mobile: 0415 132 654

By Cheque

Check payable to: 

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

C/- AAI Centre, PO Box 664,

Strathalbyn SA 5255

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