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Companion Pets

Emotional Support Animals

Therapy Pets

to help with emotional benefits,

providing companionship and comfort

in addition to the practical tasks and greater independence that such animals bring.

About Us

No! we are not breeders, we leave that to the professionals

We specialise with working with potential species of animals, to train them for safe handling and placement with individuals, facility and special need individuals homes.

Therapy Pet Animals

  • Evaluation for suitability: Screening and testing is established on rigorous standards to ensure safe and effective suitability of animal. Temperament must show signs of confidence, good manners and sociability.

  • Trained for handling, basic level of training to ensure that it is reliable, predictable, and controllable.

  • Health screening monitored by the veterinarian. All animals participating in the program are healthy and free from parasites, disease, infections, and illness. Ensures that animals are healthy and physically able to perform in a Therapy Pet role.

Pet companions for Pet Therapy

Our Partners

  • We partner with a voluntary alliance of animal breeders, professions, veterinarians and other animal charities that aims to promote the freedom, independence and rights of people to own therapy pets across Australia.

  • All members have successfully passed extensive accreditation process that covers all aspects of their training and administration – ensuring they meet the exacting standards set by their profession. 

  • Service users and members of the public can be assured that they meet very high standards in terms of animal and user training and animal welfare.​

  • Animal Assisted Interventions Training and Wellness Centre is a project initiative overseen by registered charity, Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated.​

The Emotional Support Animals

We assess, train and house AAI working animals in a free range habitat.

Our therapy animals are lovingly housed in a rural facility surrounded in a picturesque and tranquil bush setting. The 10 Acre property allows many of our animal family to enjoy free-range natural habitats outside of their training and working roles. Read More >

Our Therapy Pet Animals​

  • have been trained to be handled and behave well in public

  • have safe and reliable temperaments

  • are healthy and do not constitute a hygiene risk observed over a considerable period of time

  • are fully toilet-trained (animals that are able to be toilet trained)

  • are regularly monitored by experienced veterinarian

This website will give you information about the processes.

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