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Donation of Products

An in kind donation is anything and everything that you give that we can recycle to better serve our clients, volunteer, therapy dogs and handlers.

For example office supplies, pet accessories like leashes and toys, flea medications (Therapy Animal Teams) are all considered in-kind donations.

Lets Make a difference together

Donation Boxes

We rely on donated

  • office supplies, office furniture, shopfront displays and fittings, business signage to fulfill requests and reduce costs.

  • Art & craft supplies & items, gardening tools, plants, and supplies, adapted equipment for people living with a disability

  • dog foods & medication (example flea treatments etc) to fulfill requests and reduce costs for our therapy dogs and handlers.

We can accept:

  • donated office supplies, office furniture, etc.

  • shop front displays

  • signage

​​We cannot accept:

Because of the rapidly changing nature of technology and the requirements of our office network, we are unable to accept used computer equipment. ​


We can accept:

  • donated animal food - that have not been opened or used

  • ·medications - that have not expired

​​ We cannot accept:

  • expired food or medications Therapeutic Dog Services relies on donated pet items to fulfill requests and reduce costs for our therapy animals.

We can accept:

  • We ask that used items be in good condition.

  • Donated litter boxes and carriers are cleaned first.

  • Therapeutic Dog Services relies on donated gift products, human and pet products to stock the online and events retail shopfront, all proceeds are used towards fundraising for service delivery of Programs.

We can accept:

  • Dog Products, Human Products, and Gift wears

  • Crafters items and group or club contributions

​​We cannot accept:

Electrical appliances unless they are new, in the original box and have Australian standards electrical appliance tags.

Lets make a difference together

Where do I drop off my donation?

  • Items may be dropped off at Adelaide Central Fulham Gardens or Strathalbyn Centre

  • any weekday by special arrangement 

  • On weekends, donated items may be dropped off at above address by special arrangement 

  • We are closed on holiday weekends

  • We can organise to pick up your in-kind donation

by special arrangement please phone us on 0481 293 370.

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