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Counselling & Mental Health Services

Short term or long term

Animal Assisted Therapy
Personal - Centred Therapy
Group Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Rational Emotive Therapy
Support Group Meeting
Psychology Patient
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Short-term or long-term 
Counselling & Mental Health Services for individuals and couples.

Anxiety & Depression, Drugs & Alcohol Addiction, Relationships & Conflict Resolution, Abuse (Physical & Mental), Grief & Loss, Self Esteem, Stress, Marriage Difficulties, Career, Workplace & General Issues. 

  • Addiction

  • Anger and Reactivity 

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks / OCD

  • Bereavement

  • Depression

  • Disability:  Adult and Children

  • Emotional, Physical & Sexual Abuse

  • Emotionally managing physical pain

  • Grief and loss

  • Job and Career changes

  • PTSD / Trauma

  • Relationships

  • Stress

  • Handling life transitions eg. separation, divorce

  • Trauma such as from an accident or abuse

Animal Assisted Therapy

A Therapy Animal can be used to assist in the changes. Helps divert attention temporarily onto something other than your problems. animals provide unconditional, non-judge mental love and affection.

Personal Centered Therapy

Development of a sense of self where  you can realize how attitudes, feelings and behaviour are being negatively affected and make an effort to find true positive potential.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers a safe haven. The setting allows people to practice behaviours and actions within the safety and security of the group.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive therapy seeks to help the patient overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behaviour, and emotional responses.


Its purpose is the exploration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour for the purpose -problem-solving or achieving higher levels of functioning.

Rational Emotive Therapy

Focus is on resolving emotional and behavioural problems and disturbances and enabling people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Meet Our Team

Credentialed, registered, practicing health or human service provider, incorporating animals into treatment. 


Jody Morrish


Naomi Blake

We work with

Individuals, Couples and Families

We welcome individuals, couples and families


Group therapy allows people to receive the support and encouragement of the other members of the group.

People participating in the group are able to see that there are others going through the same thing, which can help them feel less alone

Referring Professionals

We welcome referrals from other professionals. Please feel free to call before making your referral.

Arrangements can be made between the client, referral source, and our service team, for a team approach to helping a client.

Addiction Counselling
Anxiety Counselling
Anger Management
Anxiety Counselling
Bereavement Counselling
Grief and Losss
Emotional Abuse
Depression Counselling
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Outdoors in Autumn
  • Adults and Children with Disabilities: including their families Counselling:
  • Job & Career Changes:
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Counselling:
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Or Trauma Counselling:
  • Relationship/Couples/Partners Communication Counselling
  • Sexual or Physical Abuse Counselling
  • Stress Counselling
  • Animal Assisted Therapy: Counselling Technique using a Therapy Dog 

Rates and Fees

Base rates, services and hours for counselling and mental health sessions. Read More >

Base rates, services and hours for group sessions. Read More >

The organisation spans a network of highly qualified professionals incorporating animals into treatment.

Every certified Mental Health Professional is a credentialed, registered, practicing health or human service provider or Animal Specialist, who demonstrates skill and expertise regarding the clinical applications of human-animal interactions.


To Find out more about Counselling & Mental Health Services

Please phone 0481 293 370 or 0415 132 654

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