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Providing FREE services and helping people in the community living with acute illness, disability, ageing and disadvantaged.

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Australian Registered Charity: 

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia

 A.B.N 90 024 628 522

Helps us protect the health and well being of Dog Assisted Intervention Dogs on their visitations, this keeps them fit and healthy protecting them from every day normal transferrable illness and diseases that are transferred from dog to dog, or human to dog.

Keeping our dogs in good health helps protect clients and patients from any transferable dog related infections or diseases and helps to prevent our dogs contracting sickness and illness transferable from human to dog.

Support Options:

  • Worm Treatment $15.00

  • Registration $20.00

  • Dog Food $35.00

  • Flea Treatment $85.00

  • Flea and Worm Treatment $100.00

  • Vaccination $166.90

  • Or select any amount you would like to contribute

Your name will be displayed on our         dogs tags, situated on our supporters     wall.

2: A free membership to the Animal             Assisted Interventions, social network     website.

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  • $15.00 supports AAI Dog,

  • for 1 worm treatment for 3 months

  • $35.00 supports AAI Dog,

  • for 1 weeks food

  • $100.00 supports AAI Dog,

  • for 1 worm treatment and

  • 1 flea treatment for 3 months

  • $20.00 supports AAI Dog,
    for 1 year with registration

  • $85.00 supports AAI Dog,

  • for 1 flea treatment for 3 months

  • $166.90 supports AAI Dog
     for 1 yearly vaccination coverage

Strong partnerships are built on principles such as integrity and transparency.

We take pride in our work and how it is transforming Adelaide’s, Animal Assisted Interventions future.
We are also proud of the relationships we have forged with those communities in which we work.

If there is ever an issue during or after the completion of a project, we will accept responsibility and remedy it.

Service you can depend on
Works in your area

We understand that your client or patients deserve the best possible intervention or medical care.

Delivery of Animal Assisted Intervention Services can change the lives of participants for the better.

 So AAI Joint Venture has created a Community Touchpoint program, to let our existing joint venture parters know what work is happening, new service, programs and projects and how you can become involved or how your establishment or  clients can access or be involved. 

AAI Joint Venture is a major supporter of a number of organisations as well as clubs and causes close to our heart. Here are some of the clubs and initiatives we support regularly.

We understand that your client or patients deserve the best possible intervention or medical care.


A facility is skilled in many areas, but recognizes that at times it is in the clients or patients best interest to utilize available outside specialised services to enhance therapeutic care within their facility.

We are committed to social justice and inclusion, and respect the rights of all people, in all their diversity, to live with dignity and safety and to enjoy healthy relationships.

We like to call them our industry partners
Aged Care
Disability Services
Hospital Private & Public
Mental Health
Schools and Universities

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