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Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond

"Animals in the rehabilitation and social care of people"

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Chi Chi

In the Beginning
  • Chi Chi was found by a truck driver in his travels through Perth, Western Australia. Half and hour out of a small town named Sandstone (middle of the australian outback) the truck driver pulled over for a toilet break, on his break he put some rubbish into a bin, to notice something lying on its side under the bin, he got a stick and poked at it, first thinking it was a joey, he soon realised it was a little dog. Due to thinking he could not leave him, he packed him up in his truck and they continued driving to the destination of Adelaide. The truck driver showed up at our door, asking if we could help with his find. 

  • We originally took on little chi chi to rehome, however after taking for veterniarian care, and seeing to his daily care, we very quickly fell in love with little chi chi. Around  5 weeks old we had to take him in with us to a Hospital visit, since then in Dec 2011 we have not looked back. Since 2011, Chi Chi's has become a natural to his work as a therapy dog been spreading his love, and touching people in many ways in their time of need.

  • Chi Chi loves his role so much that he has  worked his way through the extensive training, and is proudly part of the Animal Assisted Interventions Health Care Team.

About Chi Chi
  • Is comical, entertaining, and brimming with personality. 

  •  lively in his home environment but when its time to go to work within his role as Dog Assisted Interventions, Therapy Dog he becomes eager to please by being calm, confident and placid.

  • Chi Chi is the smallest dog of the TDS Inc pack, however he is not treated like a baby or infant, he is treated as all our dogs, he has been taught how to walk on his own four feet,  to do what hes told, and how to get along peacefully in the world.

  • gets along great with other dogs in the therapy dog pack, but tends to raise a small ruckus (for the first few minutes) when he comes across a strange dog for the first time out in the community, but it all soon stops as soon as he is asked to show good manners.

  • is very friendly right from the get-go and will go to anyone. 

  • Due to Chi Chi's breed (Chihuahua) it has been very important on how we raised him as this determines how he turns out.  Socialization  and training has been an extremely important process for him.

  • Chi Chi's best pack friend member would be Sebastian. (Black Standard Poodle) They keep each other company , they play together, and keep each other warm by snuggling together.

  • When Chi Chi is not working you will find him entertaining himself with the pack, and seeking out the tiniest sunspot in which to bask.

Name:             Chi Chi

Breed:             Chihuahua

Age:                Born November 2011

Sex:                Male Neutered

Rehome:        Abandoned:   

      Came to us at 4 weeks old please view         history below. 


Veterinarian:  Vaccinated: C5 yearly


                           Worm & Heartworm


Registered:     Council Registered

           (AAI /Disability Dog / Therapy Dog)

Insurance:      Working Dog Insurance

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I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will. 

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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