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Therapeutic Dog Services is a not-for-profit organisation committed to Animal Assisted Interventions. 


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Assistance Intervention Dogs

Support 1 or more dogs help us protect the health and well being of our dogs

  • Worm Treatment 

  • Registration

  • Dog Food 

  • Flea and Worm Treatment 

  • Vaccination 

  • Unexpected Veterinary Care Fees

  • Grooming

  • Training

AAI Farm Animals

Support 1 or more farm animals help us protect the health and well being of our AAI Animals

  • Worm Treatment 

  • Registrations

  • Food and Feed

  • Flea and Worm Treatment 

  • Vaccinations 

  • Unexpected Veterinary Care Fees

  • Grooming

  • Training

  • Housing

Join our growing family of individuals and groups who believe in the precious gift of animals in the rehabilitation and social care of people all over the world -

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