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Qualified Professional

Bronnie Smith

Bronnie and dog Spike, joined our team after graduating, Bronnie and Spike have acquired learning from provision of 2 years + AAI’ service delivery within various aged care, disability, mental health establishments and in the top of their class.

Bronnie combines her love for dogs with her passion for service delivery and teaching others to create the best learning experience for our members.

Bronnie has learned the importance of building a strong and lasting relationship between dog and owner. With years of experience in personal and formal dog training instruction, she brings a unique insight of the pet therapy industry to clients and our members.



Continues to further her education in the AAI and dog training field by attending seminars and classes to enhance professional development.

Bronnie also acts as our members services coordinator to ensure that our members have a seamless and fulfilling experience at our School for Therapy Dog Trainers. She works closely with our Director of Canine Education Programs and other business divisions to ensure that our members have an opportunity to learn as much as they would like while attending our programs. Her commitment to the success of each participant is apparent in her daily interactions with our members.


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