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Training And Wellness Centre

"Animals in the rehabilitation and social care of people"

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The Therapy Dog Program established in 2001, commenced as a program to promote responsible ownership and to encourage the training of well mannered dogs and the utilization of dogs within the therapeutic process.

Cody the white Standard Poodle was our original dog we commenced our Dog Assisted Intervention, (Therapy Dog) programs.

Cody became the model and backbone of the requirement in evaluation of other dogs, leaving a huge impact and impression within our service delivery.

Cody's Legacy Lives On as Jody continues incorporating Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Services within her Private Practice Counselling & Mental Health Services and continues her work in Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy in specialized areas within Australian Registered Charity, Not-For-Profit Organisation Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated. 

In Memory Of Sweet Pea

27th March, 2015


It is with a very heavy heart and tears that I have to inform TDS Inc staff that we have lost a very beautiful friend this morning.

Beautiful soul Sweet pea has traveled over rainbow bridge.

Sweet pea left this world peacefully in the arms of owner Dot.

Heartfelt condolences to Dot and family

Sweet pea will be very much missed but never forgotten,

We thank Sweet pea for making a difference in everyone's days,

We will sadly miss sweet peas presence and sound of her paws around the office, we always looked forward to seeing sweet pea and receiving her love and attention and who could ever forget the tummy scratches.

We love you Sweet Pea and we will always thank you for the good work that you gave to TDS Inc and clients.

You will never be forgotten.

Why is the Animal Assisted Interventions Training and Wellness Centre important?

Animal Assisted Interventions Centre is entirely unique in being the only animal-assisted intervention training and wellness centre (rural facility) in Australia.

Our animals are trained and lovingly housed in a rural facility surrounded in a picturesque and tranquil bush setting. Our 10 Acre property allows many of our animal family to enjoy free-range natural habitats. 

Where are we?

Situated in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, 30 minutes drive East of Adelaide's CBD. Our animals are lovingly housed in a rural facility surrounded in a picturesque and tranquil farm setting. Our 10 Acre property allows our animal family to enjoy free-range natural habitats. 

Our private rural Animal Assisted Intervention Training and Wellness Centre is not open to the General Public for visits, however, our qualified professionals do schedule private specialised programs at the centre 

Meet the Team

Our animals act as important ambassadors for their species in Animal Assisted Interventions,  "Animals in the rehabilitation and social care of people" Enhancing quality of life and health through the animal/human bond

both in our own backyard and across the globe. In addition, are part of regional and Australian Animal Assisted Interventions programs.


A team of animal keepers, trainers, vets, and vet nurses care for our animal residents.

  • Animal keeper teams are made up of our network of highly qualified professionals and volunteers who provide the majority of the animals’ daily care requirements including feeding, cleaning, training and enrichment practices. 

  • The veterinary team, Dr. Neil Griffiths (BSC, BVMS, MVSC) has 30 years of veterinary experience manages the long-term health of our animals. Pediatric and adult desexing, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Dental checks and surgery, Digital X-rays, pathology, medicine, referrals and advice, and information.

Meet Our Animals

Animals are being used as therapy animals for a wide range of ailments. From children with autism to group homes for people who suffer from memory impairment disorders such as dementia, animals are helping people to connect with animals and each other. They are bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the lucky people who get to watch over them.

Animals bring about a nostalgic feeling to our older generations who may have grown up with animals and a new sense of awe to the younger ones.

The care of animals also brings teaching moments, responsibility and routine to people who need this to thrive. 

Carefully raised

All of the animals have been carefully raised and are used to taking part in animal-assisted activities, education, and therapy throughout our AAI community programs. 

Animal Welfare

Animal caretakers, veterinarians, and a team of volunteers ensure our animal's welfare. including preparing food, cleaning their habitat and providing enrichment programs.



Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond

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Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond

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Phone: 0481293370

Tel: 08 8591 8109 Answering Service

Registered Charity: 90 024 628 522 

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