Jody is a content writer, who specialises in Human-Animal Bond, Human-Animal Interactions

and Animal Assisted Interventions.


Allied human health services and human-animal bond professional, instructor, and author of Dog-Related Handbooks – endorsed by veterinarians, industry, public figures, and animal advocates.

Featured in global media outlets such as New York Fashion week and Dogs & People USA.

Featured in national media outlets such as 

ABC news and documentaries, Today Tonight, Channel 9 Today Show, Radio, Newspaper,

and Health Journal articles.

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Medical                       Journals


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Putting pen to paper is powerful — and never more than during a time of global upheaval.

It might seem unlikely, but living through a global pandemic is an apt time to re-ignite writing practice.

Ms Morrish is embracing the opportunity in 2021, to revise current issues of writings, including producing new writings - books, articles, and publications. 

We expect these publications will be released in 2021/2022

E Book Versions will be available real soon.

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