Animal Assisted Interventions Training and Wellness Centre 

Animal Assisted Interventions Training and Wellness Centre is a hands-on animal assisted interventions training centre,  located in a natural farm setting in The Adelaide Hills, Strathalbyn, home to a wide variety of Australian animals. 

Enjoy animal encounters, programs and behind the scenes tours.

Learn about the animal assisted interventions work undertaken by our qualified professionals and keepers.


Our private rural Animal Assisted Intervention Training and Wellness Centre is not open to the General Public for visits, however our qualified professionals do schedule private visits and specialised programs at the centre.

For all inquiries please contact

Animal Assisted Inteventions Training and Wellness Centre


Phone: 0481293370

Enhancing quality of life and health through the human - animal bond


Phone: 0481293370

Tel: 08 8591 8109 Answering Service

Registered Charity: 90 024 628 522 

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